Elixir of the Gods

Perfect Infinity represents the golden ratio in all aspects of health, life, mind and spirit.

Elixir of the Gods

In the history of KEMET (EGYPT), one of the most advanced civilization’s that ever existed, the elite would drink a blend of water of the highest purity filled with 24 karat Gold flakes. The people were known to live for more than a hundred years while retaining their beauty and youth.

Perfect Infinity Water

is a balance of perfectly distilled water with a PH balance above 8.0 which gives the body alkaline nutrients that keeps it disease and virus free in addition to preventing the organs from acidic decay. As we age, our organs function less efficiently due to an acidic lifestyle. Perfect infinity is an alkaline lifestyle that’s designed to preserve healthy living down to the molecular levels. Unlike other companies, our water is purely H20. We steam distill our water to its original state in which the universe intended. During this process all contaminants are released, leaving only the pure state of water from the clouds without those nasty toxins and acids which degrade our rain water.


is the most precious metal on earth. Unlike any other of our elements, Gold cannot be reproduced or mimicked. Therefore, it truly is very limited. Diamonds today are being manufactured in labs and factories.  AU (Gold) comes from the core of a SUN (Star) and is released when they explode (Supernova) in the universe. The sun is the giver of life with light and heat, and  its core element is AU (GOLD). It has health benefits that are still being revealed more and more everyday. The Pharaohs knew the power of gold, not as money but as a form of immortality and preserving longevity of life.

Why GOLD? Gold never corrodes, tarnishes, or is affected by elements in a negative way. Scientist and healers knew this and prescribed GOLD in healing and health to the elite which gave them great health and longer spans of life. The mystical fountain of youth had a secret that was never revealed. The secret is that the stone basins where the mystical fountain existed were lined with gold. The beauty of the shimmering gold in this clear spring water gave the water a magical look, and taste. Furthermore, it was known to hold the secrets of youth and everlasting life. This was due to the historical stories of the fountain of youth that have existed for thousands of years and during the times of Imhotep (father of all medicine and builder of the pyramids).

Water- What are you really drinking

Our products are housed in pure glass to retain all of the health benefits while preventing contaminates from leaking into any of our products. Plastics are extremely destructive and unhealthy to foods and drinks today. Most of our population drinks water and juices from plastic bottles. This is extremely bad in terms of ingesting plastics and toxins, which leak harmful chemicals into the foods and juices we are ingesting. Many believe that if you keep the plastic bottles cold it will prevent that, which is absolutely false. During the bottling process your plastic water bottles are contaminated within the facility and during transportation in the hot trucks delivering them. Ultimately, you are swallowing chemicals from your first sip of water or juice.

Perfect Infinity

the representation of the golden ratio in all aspects of
health, life, mind and spirit.